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Ever feel like your in the Matrix and you look around and realize most everyone around you is either totally oblivious or purposely ignoring the truth that is right in front of them? These are the blue pills. These people aren’t ready take the red pill and awake to the truth that the road our country is on only leads to a dark place. A place and time where we will tell our grandchildren stories about in the “good old days” we were a constitutional republic, individual rights were protected from the majority and we lived by the rule of law. A place where hard work was looked upon as honorable and with that hard work you could support your family. A time when life was simpler and we cared about our family and freedoms and not what some idiot celebrity was doing. A time when our family was the center point of all that mattered to us with the best interests of our children and each other foremost in our minds. A time when political correctness wasn’t destroying our willingness to speak the truth without fear of retribution. A time when we didn’t have our own government spying on us without a warrant and probable cause. A time when we didn’t live with the fear of having our constitutionally protected rights systematically striped away or effectively nullified but politicians hunger for power that want to fundamentally transform our country into a socialist state.

I fear some of these things we’ve already lost or have changed for the worse and without a major wakeup call to all Americans it’s only going to get worse. The time to wake up and be counted is now. If we lose our freedoms and our country it will be an incredible struggle to win them back.

Time to take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Obama verses Freedom


To better understand the man you have to understand the people he surrounds himself with as advisors. Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren and Mark Lloyd to name a few. There are many more but this should get you started. Just Google these names and read on. The ideology and politics of many of these individuals is nothing short of anti- American. Anti freedom. Many have extreme leftist, Marxist and Maoist political views having more in common with the politics of North Korea and the cold war Soviet Union than most Americans.

For many awaken individuals these views raise a red flag and keep us engaged in the fight for our freedom and constitutional republic. For others they are disconnected and couldn’t care less about the future of our great nation. Little will spark them to action short of cable TV outage.

I pray on a daily basis that something will jump start the sleeping masses and get them to realize that freedom is a fragile thing. So easily it can slip away if not protected. Now more than ever we need to be engaged and active in the preservation of our rights and freedom. We cannot sit on the sidelines with crossed fingers waiting for a miracle. We need to be the miracle. The III%

Goodnight patriots.

Family First Responder

The idea that if you call 911 and magically your loved ones will be saved from harm is total bull. If you truly believe this then stop reading now because you live in a dream world and you probably think unicorns exist and enjoy watching Rachael Maddow. Here in the real world you are your families first responder. It’s your responsibility to do everything you can to protect your loved ones. I should be able to stop right here you would get it. Many will not so I’ll do my best to enlighten you.

1. Buy a handgun.
2. Learn how to shoot. Don’t just buy a gun, throw it in your nightstand and think having it is enough to keep you safe.
3. Practice shooting often and not just sitting on your ass at the bench.
4. Learn to shoot in a variety of positions. Sitting, standing, prone and laying on your back and sides.
5. Learn to shoot with your strong and weak arms and shoot both one and two handed.
7. Learn to shoot while moving and practice shooting while using cover between shots.
8. Once you are comfortable with your new skill get your concealed carry permit.
9. Actually carry your weapon. Leaving it at home will not help you away from home.

Make sure that if the time comes and your family is in threat of imminent harm you are prepared to do what it takes to keep them safe.

Hopefully you will never need to use your new skills. If you do at least you will be confident that you can be your families first responder.

Top Ways Liberals are Hypocrites

1. Liberals will tell you we must do all we can to protect the children but you can have as many abortions as you want.
2. Liberals will say they are tolerant of what you say as long as you agree with them.
3. Liberals demand that you stay out of their bedroom while they demand the government pay for abortions and birth control.
4. When corporations make huge profits it’s greed but when liberal actors make millions it’s earned fairly.
5. Liberals want to ban guns for you and me but not for their bodyguards.
6. Liberals criticize you and me for driving an SUV while boarding their private jet for a weekend getaway.
7. Liberals tell us not to judge Muslims by the actions of Muslim terrorists but they judge gun owners and try to ban guns because of the acts of a few crazy people.

Congress Doesn’t Want Obamacare

And who can blame them? I sure don’t. I don’t want obamacare either. Currently I’m fortunate to have insurance provided by my employer and do not want that to change. I don’t want my employer to pay more for my insurance or be forced to provide insurance to part-time employees which in the end will result in cuts to our staff and will hinder our ability to serve our customers and ultimately hurt our business.


The concept that our elected government servants can pass laws that we are forced to abide by that they are not is nothing short of criminal! Some might say these actions border on Authoritarianism or Totalitarianism. Remember, we elect our government officials and they are OUR servants! We are NOT here to serve them. Remember the White House is the peoples house and we just loan it to each new president. The idea that they would try to work the system and exempt themselves from obamacare while you and I have it forced upon us is total NONSENSE!

The Blaze Article Article


28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

As Americans there are always things that we will not agree on. I get it! Abortion, gun control, immigration etc. We have differences of opinion, backgrounds and worldviews. However there are areas where hopefully common sense can prevail and areas we can find common ground. Wouldn’t an amendment to the constitution that prohibits congress from passing laws that do not not apply to them or not apply to all citizens be that common ground?

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution
“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the President, Vice President, Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the President, Vice President, Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”